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Continuous blade health monitoring

Stay sharp. Save big!

Avoid costly damages and prioritize your assets health

Damage to wind turbines can happen unexpectedly, weather from surface wear or a lightning strike, often outside of routine inspections. When damage occurs, it can have serious consequences.

Operators need to identify damage immediately and prioritize issues among various operational concerns to plan maintenance efficiently. Additionally, investigating operational data to determine for fault detection can be time due to multiple data sources.

With continuous condition monitoring, you can keep watch over your rotor blades 24/7, take early targeted action, and cut costs.

At eologix-ping, we’re here to help you save costs!

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Blade damage detection, prevent damaged wind turbine rotor blades.
Wind turbine with blue sky.

Ensure best performing wind turbines

with cutting-edge blade health monitoring

Early intervention pays off, especially when it comes to wind turbine damage. Even the smallest issues like cracks, holes, delamination, or erosion on blade surfaces can lead to serious and costly consequences if left undetected.

While it is impossible to avoid all damage during a turbine’s 25-30 year lifespan, there is no need to panic! Our monitoring system, helps you avoid significant costs, focus on relevant faults, and optimize workflow, reducing the risk of undetected anomalies or late detection of lightning strikes.

Whether you are a wind turbine operator or service provider, our advanced acoustic device on the tower ensures optimal performance by monitoring rotor blade condition.

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3 Applications with the same hardware

Leading edge corosion

Surface damage monitor

Continuously assesses damages on the outher 2/3 surface of the rotor blades

– Erosion
– Cracks
– Holes
– Delamination
– Split tips

Lightning strikes wind turbine

Lightning strike alert

Promptly identifying instances when a turbine is struck by lightning is critical

– Timely response
– Optimized maintenance planning
– Enables prompt precautionary measures
– Prevents unnecessary inspections from false positives

Wind turbine in winter season.

Ice detection

Be alerted
when ice accumulates

– Ice Monitor | Alerts for light icing events

How our system works

Damage detection: Wind turbines produce typical acoustic sounds during operation. Any damage to the rotor blades leads to changes in these sounds. Our system continuously analyzes the turbine sounds to detect surface damage. If even the slightest anomalies occur, operators are immediately notified and can take action.

Lightning strike alert: It is not always immediately apparent whether lightning has been struck by lightning. Using a specialized coil, our system measures the electromagnetic fields produced by a lightning strike. This enables swift identification of when a wind turbine is hit, recording critical details like the time of the strike and the affected turbine. All this information is promptly visible in the dashboard.

eologix-ping dashbaord which showes detected damages and lightning strikes.
eologix-ping dashbaord which showes detected damages and lightning strikes.

Here is how our system benefits you

  • – Prioritize faults
  • – Extend service life
  • – Optimize inspections
  • – Workflow optimization
  • – Minimize downtimes
  • – Data-based decision making
  • – Avoid expensive repairs
  • – Early lightning strike detection


For every wind turbine, installed within minutes & easy to retrofit

On-Tower system mounted on wind turbine tower.
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With our system, we’re already successfully monitoring over 2,000 turbines globally. Curious about how it works? Watch this short video statement from one of our customers to learn about the advantages. Watch now:


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Detect damage and reduce costs with eologix-ping

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