Smart sensor systems for holistic blade health monitoring for every wind turbine

eologix (2014) and Ping Services (2018) were founded with the goal of supporting wind energy generation by developing innovative solutions and enabling permanent and accurate monitoring of rotor blade health and operation.

With our smart and innovative eologix-Ping on tower, in blade and on blade sensor systems, we offer you a holistic blade health monitoring system. In this way, you can keep an eye on the condition and operation of your rotor blades, or as our CCO Matthew Stead would say: “We constantly feel, hear and sense your blades.”

Überblick über die On Tower-, In Blade- und On Blade Sensorsysteme von eologix-Ping.

With our sensor solutions for ice detection, temperature measurement, pitch angle monitoring, blade damage detection and lightning detection, you are able to increase the performance and extend the service life of your wind turbines.

Best performance for your turbine with reliable detection

Gain a competitive advantage by detecting early-stage changes. From pitch angle errors and rotor blade damage to lightning events and icing,

we’re committed to empowering your wind turbine’s peak performance with our expert support.

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Swiftly detect changes with our advanced smart on-tower, in-blade and on-blade systems, already operational on over 2,000 turbines across 27 countries. These cutting-edge solutions reliably monitor the entire rotor blade, optimizing annual energy yield, preventing damage, and saving on subsequent costs.