Continuous pitch angle monitoring

Misalignments of the rotor blade can result in imbalances, with considerable effects on the performance of your wind turbine. Continuous measurement of pitch angles with the on-blade sensor system enables you to

  • increase of the annual energy yield
  • prevention of damage
  • reduction of service costs
  • prolonging the service life
  • avoidance of misdiagnosis

Our system for pitch angle measurement is

  • independent of the location
  • can be used with any wind turbine
  • also for offshore

“Almost 80% of all wind turbines have an unacceptable rotor imbalance and/or pitch angle error.”

(WiD Whitepaper Balancing of wind turbines rotors: Economic advantages and technical implementation written from Dr. Christoph Heilmann, Anke Grunwald, Michael Melsheimer, Berlinwind GmbH)

System components


Wireless and flexible smart sensors are powered by solar energy almost indefinitely. Each sensor measures the accelerations that occur at the sensors during operation of the wind turbine. From these accelerations, we can infer the rotational speed of the rotor and the alignment of these blades.

Due to the unique, patented design (flexible, less than 2 mm thick), the sensors can be mounted on almost any part of the rotor blade, but also on other structures, such as nacelle or tower. The mounting is done by means of self-adhesive erosion protection foil.

Base station (receiving unit)

The base station (one unit per installation) receives the data packages sent out by the sensors via radio. It is typically installed as a component in the nacelle, but can also be mounted in the spinner, in the tower base or on the ground.


In our online dashboard, both live and historical data can be viewed and exported.

eologix system




Continuous pitch angle measurement

With this product, the relative pitch angles are continuously measured during operation of the system. The system automatically warns* in case of deviations outside the limit values.


*Automatic warning message only included in the package eologix:align Advanced

On-blade vs. ground-based systems for pitch angle measurement

In contrast to ground-based systems, the on-blade system detects relative pitch angle errors at an early stage through continuous monitoring and provides an automatic warning message. The on-blade system can be used at any location (including forest, offshore, etc.) as well as on any wind turbine and also offers the possibility of correlation with turbine data (including evaluation of pitch via rotor speed).

On blade-pitch angle monitoring:

Continuous monitoring

of the relative pitch angles

On every wind turbine at every site

Offshore/onshore, in the forest, independent of weather, any wind turbine in any life cycle stage

Measurement in various operating conditions

Correlation with the turbine data is possible