Lightning detection for wind turbines

As wind turbines continue to develop, the risk of lightning strikes also increases. The increasing height of turbines and the ever longer and more delicate rotor blades make wind turbines that are already in an exposed position an even more attractive target for lightning. Furthermore, weather extremes continue to increase, including the number of thunderstorms.

Every operator strives for the highest possible availability of the wind turbine in order to achieve maximum yields. At the same time, potential disturbance factors should be reduced to a minimum in order not to impair the efficiency of the turbine.

To enhance your wind turbine monitoring capabilities, we offer a lightning monitoring option as a seamless upgrade to our on-tower system. Equipped with a specialized coil, this option measures electromagnetic fields generated by lightning strikes. Within 30 minutes of an event, the time and GPS location of the strike are recorded and displayed in the dashboard. With this detailed information, you can perform an accurate root cause analysis alongside our acoustic damage detection, gaining comprehensive insights into your turbine’s performance and safety.

“An average of ten lightning strikes per turbine per year.”

(Source: Windkraft Journal)

Your benefits

Early detection of the lightning event

Replacement of the lightning rod only if necessary

Prevention of further damage and consequential costs

Evidence of the causing lightning event

This is what our lightning detection system does for you

With the hardware upgrade

  • you get an improved analysis: determine which wind turbine was struck by lightning and when
  • you improve the performance of your turbine: accurate and timely detection of lightning strikes, enabling root cause analysis
  • you can optimize the efficiency of the turbine: continuous monitoring reduces the cost of maintenance and unnecessary inspections, optimizing.
On Tower-Sensorsystem zur Erkennung von Rotorblattschäden.

Case Study: How our lightning detection works

Struck by lightning three times in one second

Wind farm: Southern Europe
Numbers of wind turbines: 5

Our on-tower lightning detection system monitors a wind farm with five turbines in Southern Europe. On a day with high storm activity, 4 out of 5 turbines were hit by multiple lightning strikes. One of these turbines even three times in only one second.

Our system immediately detected the lightning strikes and recorded them in the dashboard with date, time and duration. Thus, the customer was informed within 30 minutes and could immediately react to the events and take further measures.

Windräder während eines Gewitters mit Blitzschlag.

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