We’ve established partnerships with industry leaders in their field so that we can offer even more value to our clients through these relationships.

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AST International

Predictive Maintenance Technology

Analyze rotating machine measurements with a team of industry-leading vibration experts to accurately diagnose faults and related problems. Based on predictive maintenance technologies such as vibration analysis, thermal image analysis, and ultrasonic analysis, we are contributing to the quality management of our customers by performing all processes from product supply to projects and consulting.


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GEV Wind Power

Leading Global ISP for Blade Repair, Maintenance and Retrofit projects

GEV Wind Power has grown from providing blade maintenance services for a single European turbine OEM to delivering wind turbine maintenance, inspection, fabric and tower services to owner operators, utilities and all major turbine OEMs across the globe. They have over 10 years of experience and growth, correspondently evolving alongside the ever-advancing industry itself.


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Marke Elektronik

Specialized in testing and monitoring solutions for the electrical power industry

Marke Elektronik has been focused on providing testing and monitoring solutions for the electrical power industry since 1993. We are a representative company specializing in electrical test equipment, industrial electronic components, and online monitoring platforms for assets. Our services include high-end on-site testing, factory testing, monitoring, predictive maintenance, and commissioning solutions for electrical and mechanical assets in the Energy Sector.


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Aerodynamic Wind Turbine Optimization

PowerCurve is an independent global provider of blade upgrade solutions and consultancy services. Attentive to client needs, we challenge their status quo and empower them to achieve maximum energy from their turbines. We design, manufacture and install power upgrades for wind turbine blades to help our clients make their wind projects more profitable.


Logo Weather Guard Lightning Tech

Weather Guard Lightning Tech

Weather Guard Lightning Tech -The Gold Standard in Wind Turbine Lightning Protection

Weather Guard Lightning Tech has been the gold standard in lightning protection for wind and aerospace since 2006. Weather Guard’s proprietary StrikeTape lightning diverters improve existing blade lightning protection systems without altering the blade’s structure or aerodynamics. StrikeTape remains the world’s most effective, durable lightning protection.


Logo Wind Power Lab Global Blade Experts

Wind Power LAB

Wind Turbine Blade Expertise

With an industry leading blade expert team, Wind Power LAB offers market leading expertise related to blade risk management, including on-demand expertise, blade diagnostics, field service offerings and blade training and instructions. Our goal is to deliver the best available robust solutions to empower their clients with the ability to make decisions to optimise their asset performance.