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A Guide to increase the yield of your turbines using ice detection - including a comparison of common systems on the market


By completing this whitepaper, you will

  • Know the different available solutions for ice detection
  • Learn when an ice detection system is necessary
  • Find out how to increase the yield of your turbines
    using an ice detection system
  • Develop key factors for buying an ice detection system

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Welcome to the Ice Detection Whitepaper. You’re about to start an exciting journey to transform your wind turbine performance.

Ice formation on wind turbines has a relevant influence on operational management in the cold season. In addition to reduced yield due to changed aerodynamic properties, the safety of the system and its surroundings is a key issue.

What Will You Learn in This Whitepaper?

In this whitepaper you will find out why precise ice detection is relevant, the different solutions for ice detection and how they differ and the benefits by using an ice detection system. One thing is certain: Precise ice detection and temperature measurement means more yield for your wind turbine. We show you exactly how you can achieve this with your wind turbine in our whitepaper. Therefore, we summarise the results of some relevant studies so that you can get a clear picture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Two technical solutions have become established on the market: Nacelle-based ice detection systems and rotor-blade based ice detection systems. Therefore the whitepaper focuses mainly on these solutions.

Yes, absolutely. Even with few icing events a safety-relevant icing can occur.

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