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Ensure safety at all times and comply with local regulations

Measure where icing starts: Smart sensor system for ice detection directly on the rotor blade surface – safe and highly available

Our sensors are installed all along the blade surface up to the tip (incl. leading edge), directly detecting icing and measuring the surface temperature.

  • Safety ensured even during turbine stop and idling
  • Only system with 100% availability*
  • No 3rd party data needed in order to let the system work
  • Ensures continous safety for service technicians and any trepasser

*according to Meteotest (2021), Comparison of four detection systems of rotor icing installed on the same turbine, VGB Research Foundation, project 401


Why eologix

Reliable detection anywhere on the blade

Safety ensured even during turbine stop or idling

No third party data (SCADA data) needed in order to work

Fully automated operation

What you can do with eologix sensor systems

Measuring directly on the blade surface

eologix sensor systems prevent the risk of ice throw by detecting ice directly on the rotor blade surface – the product signals a safety relevant stop at icing. Depending on the used system, we also offer an automatic restart system eologix:restart, which restarts the turbine after an “ice-free” signal. With eologix:heat we do also offer measures for the realisation of preventive heating solutions (i.e. rotor blade heating during operation to avoid icing of the blades at all).

Independent from 3rd party data

eologix ice detection only requires to interface the turbine controller with standard signals to work. No information from the controller are necessary for a reliable ice detection service

Works in any turbine operation mode

eologix reliably detects ice in any site condition and at any turbine operation mode, even below 3m/s while idling or when the turbines are stopped (e.g. locked rotor state). This enables full safety during any operation in icing conditions. This enables safety against ice throw (e.g. by stopping the turbine) and also ice fall (as all our systems detect icing also when the turbine is idling or stopped, e.g. by switching on warning lights).

How eologix systems ensure against ice fall and ice throw

eologix offers (retrofittable) sensor systems for early and exact detection of ice accumulation and pitch misalignment based on wireless, flexible, smart and energy-self-sufficient sensors installed directly on the surface of rotor blades

“[…] the eologix system was most often
the first IDS to detect the presence of light icing […]” *

How to ensure safety during icing conditions

Example of an ice event (VGB research project 401; Excerpt presented at Winterwind 2021) – Public report to be published soon (Source: Comparison of four blade-based ice detection systems installed on the same turbine, Paul Froidevaux, Meteotest AG, Winterwind 2021, April 20, 2021)


*according to Meteotest (2021), Comparison of four detection systems of rotor icing installed on the same turbine, VGB Research Foundation, project 401

How does it work


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What others say about us

Ing. Fotios Chitzios l Technical Operation Manager STAWAG Energie GmbH, Germany

“The eologix system is uncomplicated and easy to install. The technology is simple but of good quality and does a very good job. The system reacts quickly and very precisely. An additional positive effect was the good project cooperation with eologix the support was very good.“

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